Will I be shooting alone? 

Yes, there's only one photographer shooting at a time. We want you to have the best experience and enough space for your creative mind to take the images you'd like. Unlike many workshops, there is no one shooting over you shoulder and you can shoot from a perfect angle with a perfect background.

How much time will I have? Why do time slots overlap?

All Styled&Inspired photo shoots are different. Buying a ticket for Hacienda Tale you will give you 1 hour for shooting: 30 minutes one-on-one with a real couple + 30 minutes for the creative space (details, venue, landscape etc.). After you are done with the couple the next photographer starts shooting and you move on to details and venue. This is why time slots overlap but you are always shooting alone. 


There are plenty of shady spots at the locations we choose. We recommend arriving at least 30-minutes earlier so you have time to walk around and find a few spots that will work for you and your style. We believe that every artist is a storyteller and want you to have a chance to tell the story how you see it.

Will the vendors be helping me? 

Yes! We are always there for you. Our stylist and creative director stays at the location throughout the day and is always ready to help with your images, posing and adjusting details to create refined imagery. Just let us know when you want us to jump in. 


Absolutely! We welcome videographers that are looking for inspiring material to create new videos for their portfolio. Our shoots are perfect for that – you get enough time to work with the couple and to shoot details and venue.

Can I bring an assistant or a team member?

You can definitely bring your assistant to load film and help you with the equipment. Also, if there are two people behind your photography business (for example a husband and wife team) you can shoot together in one time slot as long as the images are going to the same portfolio. 

What if it’s raining?

The dates of our shoots are set up more than a month in advance so we can’t always control the weather. Luckily we are located in sunny California and it doesn’t rain that often. We check the forecast a couple of days before the shoot and will absolutely move it to another weekday if weather conditions aren’t working in our favor. 

Are there refunds? 

We do not issue refunds so please research the location and read all the conditions of the shoot beforehand to know what exactly you are buying. We are always happy to answer any questions before or after your purchase so drop us a line!

Why can’t I create a styled shoot like that myself? 

You absolutely can! You will just need to research and hire all the vendors, find a location and come up with the style. These things take time and that’s why Styled&Inspired exists. We want photographers to have an opportunity to get beautiful portfolio images in just a couple of hours. We also create a mood board and provide a description of the location and the style so you can really choose a shoot that will attract your ideal client. We know just the right vendors that will create a clean and a refined style. We are here for photographers who value their time and would like to grow and invest in their business.