Here at Styled&Inspired we want to finally let wedding photographers do what they are meant to do – shoot. Stop worrying about planning, booking, styling & posing. We do that for you.

Our Mission

Having been in the wedding industry for many years we know how hard it can be to fill your portfolio with shoots you can really be proud of. We also know how much time it takes to plan and organize a styled editorial shoot – starting with finding great vendors and ending with a suitable location & good styling. We want to give wedding photographers an opportunity to stop thinking about all these aspects and simply do their job – create breathtaking images. 

Our shoots

Styled&Inspired creates 1 hour styled bridal portfolio shoots where the photographer works one-on-one with the model & the creative space. There are six to ten photographers per each shoot, with 5-minute breaks between the shooting slots. There's only one photographer shooting at a time without anyone over his shoulder. At each photo shoot you get a chance to work with some amazing wedding vendors & stylists. We collaborate and develop style and concept for each shoot to create inspiring space for your work.

How it works

Every month we announce the date of the next styled photo shoot and open time slots for sale. If you are subscribed to our newsletter, you will receive an e-mail with the announcement or you can find out through social media. We share the name of the shoot, it's style & concept, mood board, date & location. You can always see if it's going to be an ocean cliff session, a garden set up, a modern loft photo shoot or something else. Read the description of each shoot to find out if we're going to have both bride & groom modeling for us, if we have a full invitation suite, a set dining table, a bouquet and other features. Each photo shoot is different and unique. 

Read further to see what is usually provided at our shoots.

What we provide

*each photo shoot is different and unique, read photo shoot's description for accurate information



  • Wedding Stylist
  • Florist
  • Professional model (bride & groom or bride only)
  • Designer bridal gown
  • Designer bridal jewelry
  • Make up & hair artist
  • Rental furniture or an invitation suite


  • Styled environment with a carefully curated theme, composition, colors & accessories
  • Location with good shady lighting & a lot of nature to incorporate in the shots
  • Styled florals
  • Styled model in a designer gown, featuring designer jewelry for detail shots (bride & groom or bride only)
  • Models signed with a major agency, professional & easy to work with


Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.
— Leonardo da Vinci