Please, make sure you read all our policies before signing up for the next shoot. We want to make our shoots easy and seamless for everyone.

• Each photographer shoots for 1 hour ( 30 minutes one-on-one with the couple + 30 minutes for details & venue). Time you spend on anything else but shooting still counts towards your shooting time. Please, make sure your camera is ready, your equipment is organized, your film is loaded.

• We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before your start time. There is only a 5-minute break between photographers so you have to be ready to shoot the moment previous photographer is done. Arriving early you will have time to check in, unpack, load your film and check your camera. This is also an amazing opportunity to network & meet other vendors & photographers.

• Only one photographer can shoot at a time. This means that you get 30 minutes one-on-one with the model/couple. We have everything ready and set up for you, you can choose your own spots, lighting and incorporate your own ideas into your shoot. Although there are up to ten different photographers per day, you can make sure that your images are truly unique, tell your own story and reflect your own style.

• All the photographers that are not shooting have to stay at our rest/getting ready area. You can not step into the shooting area while someone else is shooting. Please be respectful of others' creative space.

• All images can be shared on your website & social media any time after the shoot with all the vendors credited. Please make sure you mention Styled&Inspired as the organizer and stylist of the shoot and hashtag #styledandinspired on social media so future attendees can see our works.

• You can submit your shoot to any blog any time. Make sure you let them know that the images were taken at a group shoot and there are other photographers with the same material. Your shoot can still be absolutely unique and can be published on an exclusive wedding blog.

• You have to pay full amount to secure your time slot. The shoot only happens if a certain amount of time slots is sold. All payments are final & non-refundable unless the shoot is cancelled.